Cure Hospital Celebrates 20 Years of Service in Uganda

By Wetondo Denis Julius


Cure Hospital located on Mugisu lane in Mbale City has joined the rest of the world in celebration of the International Day of People Living with Disabilities. Cure hospital joined in the celebrations held yesterday 3rd December 2021.


Cure Hospital is the only hospital in East, Central and South Africa which carries neural surgery of children born with swollen heads and spinal cords.


Back ground

Cure hospital started way back in January 19 2001 and was lobbied for by the late James and Angelina Wapakhabulo who picked interest when the group wanted to construct a hospital in Africa. It has now finished 20 years of existence in Uganda and provides treatment to vulnerable children suffering from neurological conditions.


While speaking to the media, Patrick Bitature, one of the board Directors at Cure hospital and at the same time chairman Simba Group said they are celebrating 20 years in Uganda which have been challenging but at the same time they have achieved many things amidst the challenges.


He adds that they have managed to provide lifesaving brain surgery for over 1500 patients (120-150) every month and treated more than 7500 out patients with neurological conditions.


He also adds that since its inception, CURE Uganda has performed more lifesaving surgeries for children with Hydrocephalus (accumulation of water on the brain) than any other hospital in the world. He also urged the government of Uganda to support them through ejecting in funds.


Time Ericson, the Executive Director Cure Hospital says they just celebrate success and thanked the Cure Family for great work done.


Ericson said over twenty two thousand Brain surgeries have been successfully done in the past 20 years. He adds it has not been their effort but God has been on their side. He further requested the Vice president of the republic of Uganda, Jessica Alupo who was the chief guest to support them in all areas.


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