Police Arrests Another Jinja Pastor for Sacrificing 4 Year Old Girl

By Our Reporter




The Police Crime Intelligence is holding another pastor over the kidnap and ritual sacrifice of a four-year-old girl in Jinja district.


Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga identifies the suspect as Israel Buyinza, a senior pastor from the Deliverance and Healing Ministry in Gganda-Nansana Municipality in Wakiso District.


Trouble for the pastor started over the weekend following the arrest of Prophet Joseph Sserubiri and his wife, Felista Namaganda for their alleged kidnap and sacrifice of four-year Trinity Nakisuyi. Nakisuyi was a daughter of their landlord, John Mulodi, a resident of Kakira market zone in Jinja district on September 30th, 2021.


According to Police, the suspects first rented a garage from Mulodi to host their church. However, a few months later, the suspect kidnapped the minor and sacrificed her in search of spiritual powers. They disappeared following a heightened search for the victim.


Police picked up the suspects last week in Jinja town. Upon interrogation, the suspects confessed to kidnapping and sacrificing the minor and led detectives to River Wanyange and the sugar plantations where they buried her remains.


“They indicated how they chopped off her head and collected the blood. And then they buried the head along River Wanyange. The headless body was also recovered from the sugar plantation,” Enanga said.


He added:  “The operations were also extended to Nansana, Gganda where we have arrested another senior Pastor of Deliverance and Healing Ministry, whom Prophet Joseph Sserubiri claims is the one who lured him into the kidnap and spiritual sacrifice to get deliverance powers.”


The police have now asked the Interreligious Council of Uganda and all faith-based organizations to come out with measures of profiling and auditing the activities at all places of worship to avoid evil acts.


Enanga warned the general public to exercise extra vigilance amidst the growing wave of child ritual sacrifices.  “We commend the team of investigators for their efforts that led to the arrest of the suspects. We plead to continue monitoring the progress of the case in courts of law for the justice of this family, as we call upon parents to be vigilant to their children these times,” Enanga stated.

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