FDC’s Gen. Fita Man to Release Two Songs This Weekend

By Nathan Eyagu




Teso’s song writer and gospel hit maker, Ismael Odongo popularly known as Gen. Fitaman is set to release two new hits a head of the Christmas festive season.


While having an interview with this website, singer Gen Fita Man said that he has two projects that include ”epedor” meaning it’s possible, a song dedicated to those fighting others and “link up” a song dedicated to friends and calls for togetherness, harmony and sharing.


The two songs were produced by Teso’s renowned music Producer, Sticky of Base Records in Soroti City.


According to Gen. Fitaman, the two new hits follow his Yahweh and akanbani songs.


“All my hits have always hit the waves and this specific new songs will be real hits as I wait to be the first Teso singer to hold a mega music launch in Soroti Public Gardens where I anticipate millions of fans to attend,” he added.


The renowned gospel singer is also remembered by different people in Soroti City after he championed the FDC party political campaigns in Soroti City with “iyawe” song and others that saw several blue candidates go through in different political positions.

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