A Call To Iteso To Return Children To School!!


By Paul Edotu

“Writer is Cadre, Administrator and Educationists.edotupaul21@gmail.com ,0782191141”


Two years down the road, Education of our children has been affected. Although data and studies have not yet informed us how many have dropped out of the school system.


This can only be verified after the planned opening, however, there is fairly accurate educated guess that many may not return to school for various reasons.


For the above stated reason, I am writing this article basically to create demand and supply for parents to send children to school, children themselves to go back to school, our good teachers to assume their duties with full vigor, educationists to invest in education especially the private sector in order to increase access to education by all.


The education performance in the Teso sub region has had a number of challenges ranging from high dropout rates, low performance even before Covid19 hit the world, now with Covid around, our situation will require more attention.


I need to remind every stakeholder, that there can be no transformation of humanity without education and skilling of citizens.

In fact I can recommend a development model; of educating to completion and employing at least one individual in every household in Uganda and you can be sure that poverty is being eradicated.


Therefore, leaders and stakeholders at all levels should have the attitude of encouraging our children to go back to school, remaining at school and to complete their education cycle this time round.


The media and the entertainment industry should equally play that vital role of crafting messages calling upon children to go back to school, they should change from playing entertainment songs to education messages.

Once again, we wish our children successful opening of schools, fruitful learning and progression into the future. Education for wealth and household transformation.

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