TRIPLE SIX AT IT AGAIN! Tororo, Butaleja District Authorities Cry Out

By Matthew Okello




Tororo and Butaleja district authorities have blamed the Triple Six religious cult for undermining government mass polio vaccination initiative.


The outcry was voiced by the Tororo district LC5 Chairman, John Okea on the 14th of January during the launch of polio vaccination in Tororo district.


Okea expressed concerns over some communities that are being defiant to the vaccination exercise.



He revealed that there are some communities in the district that are denying their children to be vaccinated arguing that it’s poisonous. He particular pointed to the Tripple Six cult that is telling its followers that that Jesus will heal them from different diseases even if they don’t vaccinate their children.



Meanwhile, there was positive response of parents with their children in different parts of Tororo and Butaleja districts after commissioner in charge emergency medical services at the ministry of health Dr. John Baptist Waniaye and the RDC Butaleja district launched the vaccination campaign in the two districts respectively.




In Tororo district, the vaccination campaign was launched at Bison A village while in Butaleja district, the campaign was launched at Busolwe town.


During the launch, the Tororo district health officer Dr. Okoth Obbo called upon the general public to without hesitation turn up for vaccinations process arguing that Tororo being a boda district is at risk of getting exported polio virus from the neighboring countries and vaccination would be the only way to avoid the negative impacts of polio.




He revealed that for the three days, COVID 19 vaccination was to be suspended in the different vaccination centers because all the health workers supposed to vaccinate people had been dispatched for polio vaccination.




Tororo district deputy RDC Were Yahaya insisted that all children within the prescribed ages must be immunized, arguing that those resisting the exercise won’t survive the law.




Meanwhile the Butaleja district RDC Apollo Bwebale also said he was aware of the defiant communities to vaccinations.


“The district security sent a team of crime intelligence officers to detect the threat of which the district deployed officers and vaccination began from such communities.” He said.




Easter Musumbachai, assistant District Health Officer of Butaleja district says the vaccination campaign is currently facing a lot of challenge with hard to reach areas like few Highland within the district where the health workers cannot reach without use of boats.




With only three days scheduled for the exercise, there are fears that a sizable number of targeted children may not be immunized in the two districts due to large numbers of children. Tororo targets to vaccinate more than 41,000 children while Butaleja targets 63,000. But to the commissioner emergency medical services Ministry of health in charge of Eastern region, Dr. John Baptist Waniaye, said that incase all children are not vaccinated within the three days, more days will be added to meet the target.


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