Soroti Fuel Stations Turn Away Fuel Vendors

By Steven Enatu


Some fueling stations in Soroti city are turning away retailers who come with jerricans to buy fuel on because they allegedly want to take advantage of the fuel crisis to over charge fuel users.

Highly placed source who preferred anonymity at one of the filling stations told our reporter that the move is meant to save boda-boda riders and other fuel users from opportunists who are taking the current fuel crises to enrich themselves.

The source said that some retailers have been buying fuel from the petrol stations at a very fair price and then double the prices at villages.

“This could only be avoided by turning them away because if fuel gets done from the petrol stations, all fuel users would desperately look for the retailers and end up buying fuel at high prices” the source said.

Currently in Soroti city, Shell petrol station is highly packed with boda boda lining up for fuel. At Shell, a liter of petrol is sold at 4,910, diesel at 4,150 meanwhile other petrol stations like Hass a liter of petrol is at 5800 and 3900 for diesel.

Boda boda riders like Abraham Opio say that the situation is prompting them to add prices of town service to around 1500shs from 1000shs in order to avoid loss in the business. He said previously they would use a liter of fuel and make 18,000shs but now only 12,000shs.

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