District Councilor Sent To Six Months Imprisonment for Failure to Clear Debt

By Solomon Hamala



Musana trying to hide from our camera

A district councilor representing Ngondwe Sub County in Namutumba district has been sent to jail for failure to pay a shillings 8 million debt.


The accused, Jude Tadeo Musana reportedly borrowed shillings 8 million from a prominent businessman in Iganga, Isaac Busangwa in order to facilitate his campaigns in 2016 but has up to now failed to pay his money back.


Prosecution alleged that the complainant tried severally to plead with the accused to pay back his money but he simply kept on dodging him.


While making her ruling today, 24th February 2022, the Iganga chief magistrate, Zulaika Nanteza said she was sending the accused to jail to ensure he clears the debt saying he had failed to comply with the negotiations to settle the matter out of court.

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