OPINION: 10 Reasons Facilitating Muhoozi’s Rise to Presidency

By Paul Edotu

Author is Cadre, Historian and Public Administrator.


Gen. Muhoozi’s rise to Presidency in Uganda will be explained and justified by among others the following 10 factors;


While I have read, watched and listened with fascination stories about what began as a simple Birth day of a general in Town, Its now clear that beyond, being a first son cutting a cake and celebrating birth day with friends and common people, Gen. Muhoozi influence among Ugandans could amount to something bigger.


As student of History, who studied history of how leaders rise to power, I have come to understand that Gen. Muhoozi, Kainerugaba is being wished by many Ugandans for him to become the next President of Uganda.


I am sure his well-wishers have their own reasons why they believe in him and it’s that belief which I want to strengthen by adding the following points as factors which will favour Gen. Muhoozi success story and later on his assent to Presidency of Uganda as advocated by his admirers and supporters


  1. Gen. Muhoozi’s Military training and service track record which has facilitated his rise in profile and rank. it’s no wonder that at 48 he joins a rare rank of distinguished Military Generals and with potential to grow to greater heights.


  1. Desire by youth of Uganda for transition. Gen. Muhoozi’s timing is the best, he has come into political lime light when the youth of Uganda are looking for a leader who is like them, what somebody has rightly put, Muhoozi a generational leader. Youths in Uganda form over 80% of Uganda’s population today.


  1. The fight against corruption. The fight against corruption remains one of Uganda’s major wars, and corruption risks standing on the way of Uganda’s road to middle income. In Mzee’s own words, Gen. Muhoozi will manage corruption because he is non compromising call it zero tolerant to corruption. ( This is a very strong recommendation from a general about the other General, and I don’t have to over emphasize it lest I miss the mark , but what you should know is that many of us have been saying there is lack of political will to end corruption and your answer is now here- Gen. Muhoozi).


  1. Defense of our oil and mineral wealth. Gen. Muhoozi is better placed to defend our oil and rich mineral resources. As a country, we are now a world’s attention due to discovery of large quantities of oil and all these Minerals we have, therefore when we are thinking of a leader at the helm, Muhoozi is the answer.


  1. Opinion and blessing of Historical elders. With Gen. Muhoozi in power as President of Uganda, even our historical elders will be at peace, some people had thought wrongly that our old people are a roadblock to their progression ambitions. But Gen. Muhoozi has ideological clarity about the role of elders in society, he is therefore a good ally of the elders who still need to be around because in Africa it takes long to raise leaders so if there is one who is experienced we need to tap into their experience.


  1. Preparation. Gen. Muhoozi knows that a journey of 1000 miles starts with adequate preparation, when you are prepared and an opportunity comes your way, you definitely succeed and that’s far from what some people might call luck.


  1. Luck. related to the above is a contribution of luck, Gen. Muhoozi is lucky to be a first son of a successful President of Uganda Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ,formerly, little known son of a peasant, who started his revolutionary struggles in the 1970s, mobilizing pastoralists to embrace modern agriculture and later Museveni realised social injustices in the politics of Uganda, and this shaped his vision for Uganda leading to his formation of a movement organization (UPM). Determined to achieve liberation of Uganda, Museveni abandoned apolitical path and entered the bush with 27 Ill equipped gorilla soldiers and with the support of the masses took over power in Uganda on 26th January 1986 and held state power in Uganda for over 40 years. Within these 40 years, Uganda is a peacefully stable, modern, industrial and progressively middle income state. Muhoozi is thus lucky to inherit this wonderful legacy of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the Historical President of Uganda.


  1. The Strength of the Nation Resistance Movement Party (NRM) .The numerical strength of the NRM and its popularity among the masses in Uganda is just but a natural advantage that awaits Gen. Muhoozi. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that in 2026 Muhoozi will win with unprecedented land slide victory, wait and see for yourself.


  1. Unity in Uganda which has been facilitated by ideology of the NRM which emphasizes, Democracy, Social Economic Transformation, Prosperity and Nationalism/Pan Africanism. President Museveni and the NRM was wise to craft a generational ideology which has become a rallying point for unification of the country and Africa as whole. Gen. Muhoozi will therefore be helped by this ideological clarity to build a more firm foundation of national unity and peace. For it is very difficult to talk about unity when we don’t have common beliefs and interests.



  1. The Development Contribution of the Parish Development Model. The Parish Development Model is so far the best and last mile strategy for delivering services to the most poor in Uganda. The parish Development model is also the surest way now for transformation of Uganda from largely peasant and subsistence economy to middle income using modern commercial agriculture with Kibalo and emphasis on income and food security. The success of the Parish development model Program therefore will lay a very good bridge between the rural masses and those in power or authority.


Wishing belated Happy birth day and fruitful years to Gen. Muhoozi Kaineruga, the next Generation leader of my mother land Uganda.

Author is Cadre, Historian and Public Administrator.




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