Soroti City Woman MP Vows to Go After Men Who Impregnate, Abandon Teenage Girls

 By Steven Enatu



The Woman Member of Parliament Soroti City Hon. Joan Alobo is planning to launch a campaign against men who impregnate young girls and run away leaving them helpless single mothers.

According to Alobo the concern is alarming amidst young girls in Soroti city who are impregnated and left out alone to struggle on their own.

She told this website on Friday, 6th May that her office is working closely with the young single mothers who have been abandoned by those men who fathered their children and feared responsibilities.

“Many of our young girls, not just girls but young girls have been impregnated and left out alone. I am working with them to identify the men who do this and hand over responsibility to them. Some of you are capable but you decided to abandon them” she said.


However a lady who preferred anonymity stressed that as the MP considers launching this campaign, men should also be given a chance to speak out why they run away from some of these women. According to her, some fellow women are unbearable to their husbands in terms of character and are not submissive to their husbands.




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