KADODI DANCING PROCESSIONS: 17 die in Bulambuli in two months



At least 17 people have died in Bulambuli during Kadodi dancing processions in the last two months, district security records have shown.

Kadodi dancing processions are usually in the Bugisu sub-region to accompany the [Imbalu] circumcision ceremony every even year where people dance along the main roads

Mr Stanly Bayola the Bulambuli resident district commissioner while speaking to our reporter at his office 9 September said more will die as long as they do not pay attention to other road users.

Mr Buyola was responding to the recent death of five people at Muyembe town council in Bulambuli district during a Kadodi dancing procession after they were killed by a speeding Tororo cement truck along the Bulambuli-Kapchrowa highway.

He said since the month of July to August they have lost 17 people in Kadodi dancing processions along the main roads who are killed by speeding vehicles on various roads in the district while dancing Kadodi.

“ I would like to urge the local and cultural leaders to sensitize the community about road use safety in order to end these unnecessary deaths. Yes, you can dance, it is your culture but dance with care,” said Mr Bayola

Meanwhile, Mr Peter Gimuyi, one of the survivors of the weekend Bulambuli accident refuted claims of Kadodi dancers dancing in the middle of the road as police revealed over the weekend.

He added that dancers are ever disciplined and have been dancing alongside the road but drivers driving especially big vehicles never respect them. Ends


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