Mbale Regional Referral Hospital Doctor Faces Arrest Over Shs100,000 Bribe

By Weswa Ronnie




An Intern doctor attached to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital is being sought by Police on orders of the Mbale City Resident Commissioner over allegations that he asked for Shs100,000 to discharge a body for burial.


The Intern only identified as Simwoni is said to have asked Anthony Mutenyo, a resident of Northern City Division the money on Saturday after the latter’s patient who had been admitted at the facility a week ago passed on.


According to the RCC, Ahamad Washakie who gave the order for the doctor’s arrest, when Mutenyo requested Dr. Simwoni to discharge the body such that he could transport it back home for burial, the latter refused asking to be given the Shs100,000 first.


“After this doctor refused to discharge the body, Mutenyo called me asking me to help him with the Shs100,000 so that he could take the body of his relative home for burial. This angered me a lot, I decided to rush to the hospital myself so that I could arrest this doctor, however, he had disappeared and also switched off his phone,” Washakie told the Media at his office located at Regional Block on Saturday.


Washakie asked police to arrest this doctor such that he can be an example to other doctors at Mbale regional referral hospital who have gone ahead tarnishing the name of government by extorting money from patients yet services at all government facilities are for free.


However, Patrick Kumili, the Senior Hospital Administrator at Mbale regional referral hospital has described the accused person as an intern doctor.


He adds that as hospital administrators, they are also investigating the matter and if proven right, the accused doctor will be summoned to the disciplinary committee so that he can face disciplinary measures.


He urged the public to always report such staff members who ask money from them before giving services so that they can wipe out such people who are tarnishing government name.

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