Soroti City Juakali Community Receive Shs50M for Relocation Away from City Center

By Nathan Eyagu




The Soroti City Juakali business community have been given Shs50M to enable them buy land away from the City center where they will operate from.


The money was given by the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Anita Among yesterday, 23rd October 2022.


Anita had earlier pledged the amount to the juakali business community in Soroti City East as her contribution towards the purchase of land that will host them.


While handing over the money, Soroti City East MP, Herbert Edmund Ariko said the Juakali executive committee members travelled to Kampala where they met the Speaker and Deputy who listened to their concerns. He said one of the major concerns was land as the city was requesting them to move out of the city center for it’s development and were promised a contribution of ugx 50m.


Ariko also explained that the support is meant for procurement of land and not for political distribution as negotiated for and agreed by the juakali association.


He also urged them not to fight each other over politics but focus on development projects saying he is ready to follow up on other promises that they got through office of the Speaker.


The traders later on requested the Member of Parliament to have the money stay in his account till they have elected new representatives as they are soon going in for elections.


“Your money is safe in my account, since you are saying that I keep it till you are ready, it’s all well with me, come together as a team, receive the money and ensure that you use it on what it’s meant to be used for,” Ariko added.


Peter PEX Paak, the RCC of Soroti City called upon the juakali members to be united and focus on their major goal and urged them to also get the 30m ugx emyoga sacco money that has not been withdrawn yet it’s meant for their association.

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