Aspiring Mbale City NRM Chairman Urges City’s Technical Team to Embrace Unity

By Wetondo Denis Julius




The aspiring Mbale City NRM Chairman, Hajji Isma Walujjo who is also Secretary of Works at Mbale City Council has led the call for unity among the City’s technical staff if development is to be achieved.


Hajji Walujjo made the call yesterday, 27th October 2022 during the City’s budet conference that was held at St Augustine Hall, Mbale City.


Walujjo was among the City’s Councillors who blamed the city technical team for being disunited and colluding with town agents to steal city funds for their own personal interests.


“Mbale city has small fights among the technical staff which has taken us backwards in terms of development and service delivery, but if we put all that aside, the city will grow and develop at a high speed,” Mukakadi said.


Walujjo warned further that the infighting and misuse of City property is a very bad example to children who are leaders of tomorrow.


Abudallah Magabo, the deputy speaker blamed the city for being so slow to react to several issues.


Abudallah blames the city for failing to maintain roads and bridges which were affected by the heavy rains in the month of August.


He pointed out Busamaga bridge, Namabasa road, Kasanja road, Bukonde road and Soroti link as some of the roads that have become a problem.


He also particularly blamed the city for failing to maintain street lights on Republic Street which have now become dysfunctional saying the street has become a hiding spot for thieves.


Gerald Matebembu, a journalist attached to NBS television told the city team to stop blaming journalists for publishing negative stories because the city has totally failed to improve.


Matembu also asked the city technical team to clarify on who is responsible for the open trenches on Kumi Road, Bishop Wasike Road and Pallisa Road.


The city engineer said some road and bridges are supposed to be worked on by Uganda national roads authority which they have not done at the moment.


He also says that the opening of the trenches will be handled by National Water and Sewerage Cooperation


He however blamed the city for failing to raise money for cleaning of street lights’ solar panels and the maintenance of the solar batteries.

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