REVEALED! PDM Beneficiaries Borrowing from Money Lenders to Boost Accounts

By Wetondo Denis Julius




The Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Mbale City has revealed that many prospecting Parish Development Model beneficiaries are borrowing money from money lenders to boost their SACCO accounts.


Ahamada Washakie made the revelation while on a series of sensitization meetings with the Mbale City SACCO leaders on 26th and 27th of October 2022.


While meeting the SACCO leaders at Bukasakya Sub County, Bugema Koran Primary School and Industrial Division Offices on different dates Washakie warned that such practices make it hard for the beneficiaries to pay back the loans.


Washaki said the same thing is happening to Emyooga Saccos where the beneficiaries are now finding it hard to pay back the loans they got because the money lenders took what they received at high interest rates.


Angry washaki said he has never seen a good government like the one of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.


“During our time, we only saw ropes when they were going to arrest people over tax payment and other crimes but the Uganda of today, we see a rope when you are going to collect an animal from the sub county to rear, so Ugandans should be happy about that,” Washakie said.


He also advised both division leaders to report youths who are involved in drug abuse and theft so that they are arrested and face the law arguing that the City cannot grow with such people.


Some residents however complained that most government projects benefit leaders leaving majority of them out.

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