HILARIOUS! Tororo District Council Ends Prematurely over Missing Councilor’s Shoe

By Matthew Okello




Tororo district councilors today, 4th November, 2022 abandoned a council meeting after the district chairperson failed to return a shoe he had earlier confiscated from a councilor.


John Okea had confiscated Ojilai sub county district councilor, Lauce Obbo’s shoe in in the council held mid of this year.


It was reported that after presenting a minority report before council opposing the construction of a classroom block in Petta secondary because it is out of the district mandate, the report was not given attention by the council forcing Obbo to pelt a shoe in the direction of the district deputy speaker, Jerome Malongo.


Following this action, Obbo was given a two month suspension by the office of the speaker and his shoe was taken by the district chairperson.


Upon finishing serving his term of suspension, the district council made a resolution asking the district chairperson to return the shoe to Obbo but two months down the road, the chairman hasn’t returned Obbo’s shoe.


Today, Obbo stormed the council chambers on barefoot protesting the continuous holding of his shoe by the district chairperson.


Obbo revealed that he has been on suspension for long and has been going without council allowances making him unable to buy shoes.


Obbo who now claims his legs have started itching and swelling suspecting he has been bewitched wants the district council to institute a committee to investigate his deteriorating health.


George Osinde, the councilor representing Iyolwa Sub County tabled a motion to have council adjourned until Obbo’s shoe is returned.


He was quickly supported by the Nabuyoga town council district councilor, Julius Oketch who said that the rate at which the district executive is undermining council is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Paul Eredet, the councilor representing Eastern division to the district council, says that the council needs to suspend the LC5 chairperson for six months as a disciplinary measure to tame his disrespectful manners.


All councilors joined in the protest except the Malaba town council councilor, Lenard Maombo who said that it’s embarrassing for the district council to sit to reduce itself on discussing minor issues like shoes and yet he wanted to present important things in council like the inland port issue in Malaba.


The district councilor of Magola sub county, Samuel Odongo said that the LCV chairperson must return the shoe with apologies and failure to do so, the council will never sit.


He revealed that the district chairperson has ammassed a lot of powers that are making him think that he is the alpha and the Omega of the district.


Nawire district councilor Bernard Opendi said that they supported Okea wholeheartedly not knowing they were breeding a dictator who instead of serving the people who voted for him is still struggling to enrich himself.


The district speaker, Betty Andera Cheria upon hearing the cry of the councilors called off council noting that she cannot be running a disgruntled council.


She pledged to defend the council from being frustrated by the district executive headed by the district chairperson.


The district chairperson who was present in the council left without a word though he looked apologetic.

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