Mbale City to Hold Two Days Development Conference

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Mbale City council is planning to organize a two day Development conference to take place on 19th and 20th Dec/ 2022 termed ‘Mbale City Development conference’ under the theme, “Building a clear sense of direction and a shared vision for a modern, safe, friendly and sustainable city.”


In a press conference represented by both political and technical wing at Mbale City council chambers, Kassim Namugali, the Mayor Mbale City said the conference will be held in collaboration with the private sector, and development partners to discuss the current state challenges, opportunities, and how effectively the city should be managed and transformed to a modern status.


Namugali adds that participants will have to come from every category of society including ministers, Members of Parliament, development specialists, Media, civil society, private sectors among others.


“The activities of the conference will include, round table with the speaker of Parliament, papers and panel discussions, exhibition on various issues relating to technologies, financing, business to business, agriculture and field tour in Mbale City,” Namugali said.


He urged the public to register with the conference organizing committee for early and proper preparations.


Kenneth Khatuli, the Deputy City Clerk said there’s need for provision of social economic transformation, environment, and physical planning.


Opolot Charles, Director Hai Agency says they’re partnering with Mbale City council to bring in the private investors who can develop the City.

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