NRM Cadre Wants Museveni to Allow National Mobilization of Funds to Build Party Offices

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A youthful National Resistance Movement (NRM) Cadre has written to President Museveni who is also the National Party Chairman for permission to mobilize funds for the construction of Party offices at the regions, Districts, Municipalities and cities.


In his letter written on October 4, 2022, and received on the same day, Dr. Diini Emmanuel Kisembo, the former aspirant to carry the NRM flag to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) in Arusha, Tanzania, asked Chairman Museveni who is also the President of Uganda to “allow him and a group of NRM members and leaders conduct a nationwide mobilization and raising of funds and resources to build party offices in districts, municipalities, and cities across the country.”


Since he made that request, Kisembo tells this website that he has been in contact with the Office of the National Chairman (ONC).


“We have been told that in the coming days, the national chairman will guide, but most importantly to okay this request,” Kisembo said in his press statement issued on Tuesday.


“In this event, on behalf of the team, I have also informed our national chairman that all the NRM party leaders at the district and sub-county levels will be included. This is to help us be accountable and transparent with all the collections.”


The ruling party currently rents party offices across the country and on many occasions, they have been locked out due to unpaid rent. To Kisembo who also contested to replace Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza as the NRM Regional Vice Chairman for the Western region, the party offices, once completed, will help the party and the Secretariat with the mobilization and recruitment of new members.


Who is Dr. Diini Emmanuel Kisembo? He’s the:


Executive Director, Bunyoro Kitara Youth Initiative for Development

Contested for Buyaga East MP, 2021

Contested for NRM’s CEC Member, Bunyoro Region, 2021

Contested to hold NRM flag for EALA, 2021



“It will also act as the information and resource center for the NRM party–making us (the NRM) distinct from the rest of other political parties. It will lessen the burden of looking for money to pay rent as it’s done today,” stated Kisembo.


According to him, he and the team will work together with the party Secretariat under the able leadership of the Secretary-General, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong to ensure the party offices are built – primarily with the resources contributed by the members and well-wishers.


Ibrahim Kitata, the ONC spokesperson has, however, told the group to seek guidance from the NRM Secretariat.


“All monies collected will be banked in the party’s bank account,” he assured Museveni and NRM party, leaders.

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