Uganda Medical Association Boots Dr. Oledo for Begging President Museveni to run in 2026

By Our Reporter



Dr. Edith Nakku Joloba

The Uganda Medical Association has voted to suspend Dr. Samuel Oledo from membership of U.M.A for the next 4 years and ultimately from being its chairperson.


The vote was carried out in an Extraordinary General Assembly held yesterday, 18th December 2022 despite Dr. Oledo’s petition in the High Court challenging the Association’s move.


They have also elected the Vice President, Dr. Edith Nakku Joloba as the new President for the remaining term of office.

According to Dr. Herbert Luswata, UMA Secretary-General, Members decided that the former UMA President Samuel Oledo got a vote of no confidence because of what happened in Kololo.

The suspension has happened despite Dr. Oledo’s petition to the High Court in Kampala seeking to block plans of censuring him.


Dr. Oledo had argued that the process to impeach him was baseless and not grounded in law.


Last week, doctors under the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) raised the signatures they needed to censure Oledo.


According to Dr. Ronald Kazibwe, a member of the association, by Monday last week, a total of 425 doctors had participated in an online poll that he and colleague Gladys Atto generated following an incident where Oledo publicly endorsed President Yoweri Museveni to stand for the presidency in 2026.



Dr. Oledo together with a group of others donning clinical coats had been attending an NRM Youth symposium in Kololo when they knelt before President Museveni and said the doctors of Uganda are asking him to stand for the presidency again, a position which was never endorsed by the members.


The association met on Sunday yesterday, where Oledo’s fate was sealed.


Meanwhile, Justice Musa Ssekaana of the Civil Division of the High Court will today hear Oledo’s petition.

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