Mbale City Speaks Out On Dysfunctional Street Lights

By Weswa Ronnie




The Senior Assistant Town Clerk of Industrial city division Robert Wambende has admitted that Plinth Construction Company installed fake solar lamps in Mbale City.


Two years after the solar lamps were installed, many of them especially along Nabuyonga road, Mugisu hill lane and Pallisa road are not working as others bring deem light which brings lots of unanswered questions.


While speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview at his office on Friday 27th January, 2023, Wambede said the lights took over 2 billion tax payers money to be installed there.


He revealed that they realized recently that some batteries which were installed underground are not functioning reason why some of them emit deem lights during night hours.


Wambende adds that as a city they are planning to get resources and replace all those solar lights such that those three streets can light.


Kasimu Namugali, the Mbale City Mayor urged the people of Mbale to be calm since the city is planning to either replace the affected solar street lights or repair them.


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