Government Releases Funds For Completion of Namisindwa District Head Office

By Weswa Ronnie




Government has allocated Shs399million to Namisindwa district local government to complete construction of its storied head office.


This was revealed yesterday, 31st January, 2023 by John Patrick Nuweabigaba, the Namisindwa District Chief Administrative Officer during the launch of construction works for the office.


“The money is already in the district account,” the CAO confirmed.


Namisindwa district which was created in 2017 is the youngest district in the Bugisu region and has been operating from former Bupoto sub-county head office which was later elevated to Namisindwa town council after acquiring the district status from Manafwa.


The CAO added that in 2017 after becoming a district, Shs500 million was given by the government as start-up funds to start a foundation of the offices but the construction could not be completed due to insufficiency of money.


Mr. Nowabigabi said ‘’we are sure that this funding of 399 million shillings will accomplish the whole work of construction.’’


Jackson Wakaika the Namisindwa district LCV chairperson says that most of the staff in the district have been operating under trees while others share offices due to lack of enough offices.



‘’This  forced me  to write a letter to the ministry of local government lobbying for more funds to complete the structure such that workers can be accommodated to improve service delivery,’’ Mr. Wakwaika said.


He also said that once this structure is complete, all workers in the district are going to get offices to operate from.


Robert Mukelule Tululukha, the Namisindwa district engineer during the launch said that the works are going to take only two weeks and also urged the community to embrace it.


‘’ We are going to do other works with the same contractor like fixing electricity, flushing toilets, and painting among others on the structure,’’ Mr. Mukelule said.


Fredrick Bango, the Namisindwa district Resident District Commissioner has urged the contractor to do good works warning that short of that, he will be denied payments and a certificate of completion.



Mr. Bango said ‘’ I’m going to inspect work from the start to the end to make sure that government money is not wasted.’’


He also said that some engineers if given work refuse to pay workers and end up stealing material at the site which should not happen to this contractor.


Sam Simiyu, the managing director of African technical and Construction Company limited, the contractor who has taken over the confirmed to the public as he going to do good work and finish in the agreed two months.


He said ‘’ During construction, we are going  to prioritize youths from the community in terms of giving jobs at the site such that area people can benefit.’’


Honorable John Musila, Member of Parliament representing Bubulo east constituency in Namisindwa district has urged the community, political and technical leaders in the district to embrace the project saying that this is going to improve service delivery.


He added that he is going to put the government under pressure to release more funds which will be used to construct administrative offices at newly created sub-counties in Bubulo east constituency like Bumityelo, Bubutu and Magale.


Musila said  ‘’most of the newly created sub-counties and town councils at Namisindwa and Uganda at large are operating in rented buildings which is very expensive and affects service delivery.’’


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