JUST IN! Namisindwa Parents Lock Head Teacher’s Office over Poor PLE Results

By Bwayo Emmah




Parents of Lwandubi Primary School in Namabya Sub County, Namisindwa district have locked out the Head teacher accusing him of poor performance, incompetence, financial indiscipline and overstaying at school.

Stranded pupils at the school

Parents who were gathered at the school today, 6th February, 2023 accuse Wilson Mabala, the headmaster of among other things abuse of office, causing a decline in student enrollment from 1,000 to less than 200 and failing to organize the Annual General Meeting.


According to Wayelo Robert, several parents have opted to transfer their children from the school due to a sharp decline in performance.


Robert Malemo, another Parent says the school has consistently performed poorly in PLE for the last six years. He requests for urgent transfer of the headmaster.


Wanzusi Brazil, the Namabya Sub county chairperson says unknown people poured superglue in the padlocks of the office of Headmaster, Deputy headmaster and director of studies on the night of 5th February, 2023.


By press time, the sub county leadership had opted to cut locks for the headmaster to access office to facilitate school Re-opening.


Efforts to talk to Wilson Mabala were futile as he declined to comment on the matter saying the education office of the District will ably communicate.


Lwandubi Primary School had 86 candidates last year, only 11 passed in Division II, 23 in Division III and 14 in Division IV. 32 and 6 in Division U and X respectively.

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