BUDAKA: Iki-Iki SS Parents, Students Reject Former Mbale High Headmaster

By Kirinya Ayubu




As schools across the country opened up for the first term of the year 2023, parents and students of Iki-Iki Senior Secondary School in Budaka district have gone on strike rejecting the new school head teacher.


The strike that paralyzed the opening of first term happened yesterday, Monday 6th February, 2023.


The head teacher is Wambende Husein who was transferred from Masaba secondary School in Sironko district replacing Mutono Ali whom the parents rejected earlier due to alleged theft and misuse of school properties.


Mutaki Simon, a parent says that since the then head teacher Mutono Ali misused school properties they now want the head teacher who’s going to improve the school instead of failing it more.


Mutaki added that they have no problem with the new headteacher but basing on his dirty background from the schools he has been before like Mbale High and Masaba SS, it’s the reason as to why they can’t accommodate him at Iki-Iki senior secondary School in Budaka district.


Gamusi Denis, a member on the parents committee said that Wambede was once locked in his office at Mbale High while he was a head teacher there.


Some of the students we talked to said that they are facing hardships in school due to poor school management, they say that what they want now is the school to stabilize with a good headteacher with good morals.


Graciano Nkuruzinza, the DPC Budaka district told students not to involve themselves in strikes because it may cause their arrests.

Nsenye Daniel the deputy head teacher asked students to desist from being misled by some members of the community for the betterment of their future and the school.

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