CONFIRMED! NRM Will Not Front Okabe’s Son as Flag Bearer in Serere County By-Election – Ddombo

By Our Reporter




The Director Communication at the National Resistance Movement (NRM), Emmanuel Ddombo has said the Party won’t front the Late Patrick Okabe’s son as flag bearer for Serere County by-elections.


Ddombo made the remarks today, 9th February, 2023 while appearing on a local Tv Station in Kampala.


Ddombo said, “The scenario of supporting Hon. Okabe’s son to be the flag bearer in the upcoming Serere by-election cannot be applicable because Hon. Okabe was not a flag bearer.”


He said NRM has a flag bearer who has not resigned and is still strong. The flag bearer Ddombo is referring to is Phillip Oucor who trounced the late Okabe in the NRM Primaries for Serere County elections in 2020.


“NRM is a party that promotes the rule of law and we must abide by the regulations set by the party and NRM Constitution which states that a flag bearer becomes a flag bearer for five years,” he said.


In defence of Oucor, Ddombo says, “Philip Oucor became the flag bearer for NRM because the people of Serere voted for him. This happened even before Hon. Okabe died, so how is NRM imposing a person who was voted by the people of Serere?”


Okabe died in a fatal accident at Naboa, Budaka along the Mbale- Tirinyi road in December, 2022.


At his burial, many party sympathizers asked the NRM Party to support his son, Emmanuel Okabe to replace his father.

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