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Current Food Prices in Soroti City – Mini Survey

By Steven Enatu




A Mini survey conducted by our reporter in Soroti central market has indicated that food prices have increased compared to the last two months.


Maria Aimo, a vendor in the produce section, says beans currently sells at 4000shs, Maize flour first class 2500, second class 2400. Other food items like simsim have risen to 6500shs a kilogram from 5000shs.


The traders attribute the rise in food prices to the dry spell coupled with inadequate supply of food by farmers yet there is overwhelming demand.


Previously Maize flour second class was selling at 2200shs and first class at 3000shs. Beans was previously selling between 2800shs to 3000shs a kilogram.


Currently the vendors in the produce section are selling rice at varying prices depending on the category, first class 4800shs a kilogram, second class 4500 and third class 4000 shs.


Previously Rice was selling at 4000, 3500 and 3000shs respectively. Cassava flour is sold between 2000 to 2200shs, this has fairly reduced from 2200shs in the last three months.


Groundnuts is sold at 6000 to 6500shs for Serenut2.


In the fresh foods section which is on the ground floor, Prices are fairly dropping. For example tomatoes have dropped from 4000shs during festive season to 2500shs a kilogram currently.


Irish is currently sold between 1500 to 2000shs a kilogram while onions remained at 2000shs kilogram.

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