NABILATUK: Residents express concern over growing insecurity, Lay down Strategies

By Steven Enatu




Nabilatuk District Leaders have laid a number of strategies to curb the growing insecurity which has rocked Nabilatuk Town Council in the past days.

The locals in Nabilatuk converge for a security meeting


This followed concerns from residents over increased cases of armed insecurity in their villages.


In a meeting organized by the security Team on Thursday, 2nd March, 2023 in Katanga cell, Lolet ward, the Local council one chairperson of Katanga Cell Lokut John Amuria cited incidents where armed thugs attacked 4 different homes and attempted to break in with, the last attempt on the previous day where the attackers attempted to burn a house but were unsuccessful.


He called upon the security personnel to come to their rescue.

The Town Clerk, John Longolio noted similar attacks in Arengesiep Ward and called for concerted efforts from all key stakeholders to address the insecurity.


He Suggested institution of patrols at night in the 5 wards of the Town Council.


The representative of the District Police Commander  ASP Tobias Odongo called for vigilance and collective efforts to curb insecurity.


Odongo urged people to avoid tampering with the scenes of crime and avail police with important information to aid in investigations.


He noted that the police are going to intensify patrols and ambushes in dark Corners in Town.


During the meeting, resolutions to curb insecurity were agreed upon and they include Intensifying patrols and ambushes at night. Restriction and no movement within Town past 8pm.


Every village was tasked to select five people to work with security personnel.


Other measures include regulating the traditional dance known as “Edonga” and loud music not to be played past 8pm and  LC1s to register all those with phones in their village amongst others.


The Local council five Chairperson, Hon Paul Lokol implored the community to make alarms to notify neighbors of imminent danger.


Meanwhile, the Residents District Commissioner,  Kyeyune Ssenyonjo pledged their commitment as government to ensure there is peace and security in the area.

Nabilatuk Town Council is composed of 5 wards and 22 cells.

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