KIBUKU: Step Sister Kills Sibling by Poisoning, Kills Self with Same Poison

By Weswa Ronnie




Two sisters have died in Nankabala village, Nampiido parish, Nabiswa Sub County in Kibuku District after an older step sister poisoned her 3 year old sibling before taking the same poison.


According to a police incident report, Bulage Scolah, aged 15 yrs on the 28th of February, 2023 sent a one Malinga David, aged 16 yrs and a village mate to buy her Poison that kills birds saying she wanted to give it to someone.


“Then One Malinga David bought the poison and Bulage Scolah picked that poison from him at his house.  Bulage Scolah then mixed poison and smeared it on a mango fruit which she gave to a step sister one, Katooko Chai Ritah, aged 03 yrs,” the police reports says in part.


The minor then immediately developed stomach pains and informed her father, a one Isiko Joseph who rushed her to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital where she died on the 2nd, March, 2023.


However, during the burial, an overwhelmed Bulage confessed to the father that she was the one who poisoned her deceased sister, prompting the father to report the matter to Kibuku Police Station which was registered as vide SD Ref: 02/03/03/023.


“Police arrested both Bulage Scolah and Malinga David for investigation. After arrest, Bulage Scolah informed police officers that she had stomach pain. She was then taken to Kibuku H/C IV for treatment. Later she was referred to Mbale Hospital for more treatment and died on Transit on 03/03/023 at about 1900 Hrs,” Says the police incident report.


An exhibit of Bufadienolide was later discovered at the home of the deceased by crime of scene officers and Homicide team that visited the home.


Police says Malinga is still under detention and efforts are underway to exhume the body of the 3 year old for postmortem because she was buried without postmortem.


“The motive of the poisoning is not yet known as the suspect also died before interview,” police says.


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