FINALLY: Namisindwa District Council Approves Appointment Of 2 Contested DSC Members

By Weswa Ronnie    




Namisindwa district council has finally approved a full District Service Commission after councilors quashed a petition filed by three of their own opposing the appointment of two board members to the Commission.


The appointment was confirmed on Tuesday, 7th March, 2023 during a council sitting at Namisindwa Technical School when all councilors unanimously quashed the petition.


According to Dorothy Wolukawu, the Speaker of Namisindwa district local government told this website that last year, Bikala Weswa councilor representing Bungati sub-county, Emma Bwayo male youth councilor, and four others petitioned her office against the appointment of Masaka Musamali Khaukha, and Sam Maina Wataka as members of district service commission.


Wolukawu said the councilors based their petition on allegations that the two are not born of Namisindwa district which apparently contravenes the law.


The petition was however, thrown out after the accused members brought their CVs and national IDs proving that they are born in Namisindwa district.


Emma Bwayo, one of the petitioners, says he welcomes the council’s decision arguing that their aim was to prove that the two are indeed from Namisindwa.


He adds that as councilors they have to do their work as mandated by law but not fight the district as many allege.


Wilson Walimbwa, a councilor representing Buwatuwa Sub County says the petition had stopped the recruitment of new staff in the district which has been affecting service delivery.


Jackson Wakwaika, the LCV chairperson of Namisindwa district has warned councilors against sabotaging district work with petitions but always seek clarity on any matter before petitioning.

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