Government to Extend Electricity Distribution in Busia District

By Juma Magona



The government of Uganda through the Minister of State for Energy Hon. Okaasai Sidronius Opolot has assured the people of Busia about its commitment to extend electricity distribution within the district.


Hon. Okaasai revealed the move on Monday, 13/03/2023 while responding to queries raised by residents of Lumino Trading Center, Lumino-Majanji Town Council in Busia district about the Rural Electrification Agency.


The minister was in Busia to inspect all the four administrative units which are Busia Municipality, Samia-Bugwe North, Samia-Bugwe Central and Samia-Bugwe South Constituency.


He disclosed that area members of Parliament have on several occasions reached out to the ministry requesting for extra connectivity on electricity and in response, the ministry has already put in a plan to send surveyors to visit the district and map all areas that are going to benefit from this distribution project.


He however, said that the government will put priority in areas with institutions like Health centers, schools, administrative offices, and places with productive value addition in all sub counties.


The minister also told the gathering that despite the fact that the government under the rural electrification agency has a mandate of providing power to Ugandans, the burden of paying for electricity bills is not covered by the government and therefore, encouraged people to work tirelessly to service their bills.


He, however, said his ministry is working to ensure that tariffs are reduced to enable all Ugandans access to power which will improve value addition to the economy.

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