BOU Speaks out on New Currency Notes Bearing Deputy Governor, Atingi-Ego Signature

By Our Reporter




Bank of Uganda (BOU) has issued a statement on new bank notes bearing the signature of Deputy Governor, Atingi-Ego.

BOU statement

The statement issued today, 16th March, 2023 says the new bank notes in all denominations issued in 2022 now bear the signature of Atingi-Ego. However, this does not mean the earlier notes that are still in circulation and bear the signature of the late Mutebile associated with the pre-2022 years still remain legal tender.


BOU says that although all the bank notes are supposed to be signed by the Governor and Secretary, in the absence of the Governor, the Deputy may sign.


“The public is hereby advised that BoU has issued into circulation new banknotes in the various denominations, that bear the signature of the Deputy Governor, Michael Atingi-Ego,” reads the statement in part.


The Mutebile signed banknotes will continue to be issued in circulation alongside those signed by the Deputy Governor meaning all of them are legal tender.


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