ALONE & FRIGHTENED! MK Movement Distances Self from Andrew Mwenda’s Love for Homos

By Our Reporter




The Muhoozi Kainerugaba Movement popularly known as MK Movement has disassociated itself from its Spokesperson’s stand on homosexuality.


The official Spokesperson of the MK Movement is Andrew Mwenda who was appointed by the Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba in early January, 2023 replacing Frank Gashumba.


Shortly after the Passing of the Anti Homosexuality Bill 2023, motor mouthed Mwenda appeared before NTV and said he will go to the Constitutional Court should President Museveni assent to the Bill.


This however, seems to have rubbed the MK Movement the wrong way considering that Gen. Muhoozi came out clearly in support of the Bill.


““I hear some foreign companies want to leave the country because we passed the anti homosexuality bill. We are willing to help them pack their bags and leave our blessed country for ever. Uganda is God’s country! We will actually thrive without them.” Gen. Muhoozi tweeted last week.


In an effort to put the picture right, the MK Movement’s Deputy Spokesperson, Hon. Daudi Kabanda also Member of Parliament for Kasambya County, on Sunday, 26th March, 2023 said Mwenda’s position is not that of the MK Movement.


“The MK Movement would like to disassociate itself from Mr Andrew Mwenda’s position on Homosexuality, it should be noted that his comments/opinion on homosexuality are not the official position of the MK Movement,” Kabanda tweeted yesterday.


On NTV, Mwenda said, “If Museveni signs this Anti- Homosexuality law, I promise you, I Andrew Mwenda, I will go to the constitutional court to challenge it.


He justified the argument that: “If I sit in the privacy of my bedroom with a fellow man who is also consenting, it means that the two of us will be consenting. Why do you want to criminalize that?”


This will be the second time for Mr Mwenda to run to court seeking the nullification of the Anti-Homosexuality law after a successful petition when the law was nullified in 2014 over technicalities.


Mr Mwenda said the law would alienate Uganda from the western world, something that is likely to affect the economy of the country as tourists and investors would be shunning Uganda in favour of other countries.

“You are harming the economy over a law whose enforcement will bring very little benefit because, if I was an investor or a tourist from the Western world, I would not come to Uganda because this country would become a threatening place,” he said.


He further questioned how the enforcement of the bill would be conducted saying that homosexuality practices are private ‘bedroom matters’ where police can hardly reach.


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