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Action of Love International Rescues Serere 12 Year old Cripple

By Sam Edunyu



Their is always a say that states that there is time for everything, time to cry and time to smile, the story of a 12 year old boy is one that has become a big testimony that people of Amoru village ,Agwara town council, Kasilo County in Serere district will live to talk about.


Joel Okae who was born normal like any other child but later got disabled following unknown illness that left him disabled for more than ten years, only to be heard by the public after his story was published by this website, a number of well-wishers reached out to his rescue.


Earlier today, 4th April 2023, Action of Love International, a non governmental organization (NGO) based in Soroti city that offers help to children living with disabilities extended support to Joel Okae by offering him medication at the best health facility in the city after he was diagnosed with malaria and bacteria infection after he was brought over on Friday 30th, March ,2023 by the said organisation.


The Executive Director Action of Love International Jefferson Kandi handed over an assortment of items like a mattress, Sugar, Soap and some financial Support to Okae through his father with whom he was with.


Jefferson also promised to travel to Agwara Serere with an expert to take up measurements of the boy so that he is provided with a wheelchair that is suitable for his condition as Soon as possible.


He also promised to get a heifer for Joel as they do it to all their beneficiaries and help the family with a start up capital to help them fight household poverty in their house hold.


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