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List of Senior Teso Sub Region Officers Yet To Refund Stolen Shs165M to IGG

By Robert Edwomu





The office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) is currently struggling to recover money from officials who stole government money during their term of office.


This website has a list of officials from Teso Sub region that the IGG wants to refund monies they misappropriated while holding office.


In Teso government is hunting for officers in over five districts of Amuria , Katakwi, Soroti, Kaberemaido and serere owing government money worth shillings One hundred Sixty five million Forty two thousand Four hundred fifty three shillings (165,042,453) million.


Below is a list of the officials we were able to get according to districts that government demands.




  1. Robert Olupot, Driver Soroti Regional Referral Hospital UShs. (10,006,553).
  2. Patrick Chebet, Assistant Academic Registrar Soroti University and former teacher at Sebei College Tegeres (32,828,535.
  3. Grace Musimenta Medical Officer Soroti Regional Referral Hospital and Amuria Health Centre (31,609,276).
  4. Stella Adho, Administrator of the Estate of the Late Martin Engemu, Soroti DLG Official (12,363,374),
  5. Frank Opolot, Teacher Kamuda PS (306,055.
  6. Robert Enou, Accounts Assistant Soroti (332,000).
  7. David Ejoku Ademu (260,000).
  8. Abdallah, Teacher Soroti SS (178,000).
  9. Aggrey Muramira CAO Soroti (414,000).

Totaling to Shs. (88,297,793) million     



  1. Charles Egimu, Economist Amuria UShs.(2,851,772),.
  2. Samuel Lasamo Eukot former Chairperson Amuria Town Council (340,000).
  3. Gabriel Ekweny, (150,000.
  4. Charles Engoru Echemu, former District Speaker, Amuria (8,141,061.
  5. Julius Osuku, District Internal Auditor, (1,200,000).
  6. Paul Wamono Mukhana, DACO, Amuria (2,070,000).

 Totaling to Shs. (14,752,833) million



1.Moses Oonyu, Senior Finance Officer, Katakwi (1,976,231).

  1. William George Apedu Ass. Commercial Officer, Katakwi. (338,088.
  2. Chief Administrative Officer Katakwi (5,787,458).


Totaling to Shs.(8,101,777) million.


  1. The CAO, Kumi. (39,372,050).
  2. Kumi District Engineering Officials (2,135,000),



  1. Joseph Opit Okojo former LCV (12,049,000.
  2. Michael Eregu DEO (200,000) and the Head Teacher Olomet SS Kaberamaido (134,000). Summing to (53,890,050).


We have established that most of the officials, mostly politicians that the government demands, are not in active offices while others are ex-officials in the offices attached in this report.

Betti Kamya Turwomwe the Inspector General of Government directed responsible Institutions or Districts to implement the IG Orders of 30 days.

Moses Emabu, the District chairperson LCV Amuria says he has already shared with his Chief Administrative Officer methodologies of recovering money and one of it is deduction of salaries for those still in active service.


He notes for those that exited service they will consult with the Solicitor General on whether to attach their properties or otherwise.

Emabu condemns the act and suggests having officials pay back the money while in jail because it interferes with the flow of effective service delivery.


Paul Omer, the Mayor Soroti City East termed the move as selective justice where the small fish is hunted leaving the big fish and called IGG barking monkeys in the forest that cannot come to the fire.



He casts doubts of recovering the money as some officials are no longer in active service.


Omer challenges the government to strengthen Audit departments and fully facilitate stopping this vice in local governments.


One of the defaulters Samuel Lasamo Eukot (340,000 ) former Chairperson Amuria Town Council says he cleared part of the money and now remains Shs.70, 000/= only


He reveals that the money is part of the facilitation to travel and attend official engagements like meetings, workshops he signed at the office.

He further attributed the growing debts to officers’ weakness to account whenever facilitated.

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