KOTIDO: UPDF Puts Out Of Action Notorious Warrior

By Our Reporter




A notorious warrior has been killed by Joint Security Forces that conducted a cordon and search operation in Loputuk, Odera parish in Panyangara Sub-county, Kotido District.



The deceased identified as Lopusi Tom was put out of action.at about 4:00am on the night of 13th April, 2023.


According to UPDF statement, Lopusi has been a profiled warrior who has been on their wanted list for various probe attacks on UPDF detaches.



“Security forces have been trailing him since he was enlisted in Panyangara ASTU detach attack last year where we lost our officer as he got out of his uniport house to respond to gunfire that had wrecked the detach by Karimojong Jie warriors and was repulsed,” The statement reads in part.


A prison gun UG_ PRI 56 3689710-02102 with 18 rounds of live ammunition was recovered which was among the guns taken during the Moroto prison break incident.


The late notorious warrior, suspected to be 32 yrs masterminded probe attacks on panyangara and Lokomebu detaches etc, destabilised areas of Rikitae, and raids outside Kotido district.



His body has been taken to Kotido Health Centre IV for Postmortem.

“We congratulate joint security forces for the tactical efforts made so far and their commitment to degrade armed criminal elements and pacify Karamoja Sub-region.” Reads the statement.


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