Petition against Kyabazinga Wedding Goes To Church Of Uganda

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A woman claiming to be the legally married wife to Busoga Kingdom Kyabazinga, William Gabula Nadiope IV has taken her fight against the imminent wedding to the Church of Uganda.


Alison Anna Nadiope has through her lawyers, Mugerwa and Partners Advocates written to the Archbishop of Church of Uganda and the Bishop of Busoga Diocese Central asking them to stop the wedding.

Petition against Kyabazinga wedding

Kyabazinga, William Gabula Nadiope IV is set to wed Ms Jovia Mutesi on Saturday, November 18, at Christ’s Cathedral Church, Bugembe, Jinja North City Division.


Nadiope in her letter dated 8th November and received by the Secretary of the Bishop of Busoga Diocese Central, Faith Persis Wakabi on 9th November however, contends that she is the legally married wife to Gabula having celebrated a civil marriage in 2016 at Milldam House, Bunbaby Road, Portsmouth PO13AF.


She says they celebrated the Civil marriage under Marriage Certificate AK594729L.


The petition further says that in the said marriage, the two have bore two children namely; Muyisa Mitchell aged 8 years and Katali Josephine, 6 years old.


“This serves to notify the Church of our Client’s objection and request that Honorable Church of Uganda does not proceed to wed Mr. Kadhumbula William Gabula Nadiope with Ms. Jovia Mutesi,” reads the petition.


The petition warns that if the Church of Uganda proceeds with the wedding, it will have led to the committal of Bigamy which it says is against the Church Canons.


Alison also, in October, 16, 2023 wrote letters to the head of clans, through her lawyers and the entire Busoga kingdom insisting that she got married in the civil court in the United Kingdom to the Kyabazinga in December 2016.

“They have two children. Mrs Nadiope is prepared to provide a copy of the marriage certificate and photographs of the marriage if requested,” the letter written by Anne Cuthbert Solicitors Limited reads in part.

Alsion also claims to have supported the Kyabazinga  throughout the duration of the marriage, even paying his school fees.


“She recently paid the sum of £1,755.00 towards his school fees. She continued to support him until the time when she became aware of his upcoming marriage. Mrs Nadiope has been responsible for the upkeep of the home and the children.” The October letter read in part.

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