JUST IN: Police Trains 92 Officers to Protect Non-Aligned Movement – G77 Summit Delegates

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VIP Protection training

A cohort of 92 officers hailing from Counter Terrorism (CT) and Aviation Police (AVIPOL) have undergone intensive training in Very Important Protection (VIP) at Marine Base, Kigo.


The month-long course was designed in preparation for the upcoming NON-Aligned Movement – G77 summits earmarked to be hosted in Uganda next year.


The training encompassed crucial aspects such as VIP/VIS (Very Important Persons and Vital Installation Security) principles, weapon drills, motorcade protocols, and parade drills.


The closing ceremony happened on Friday, 17th, November, 2023, and was presided over by Senior Commissioner of Police (SCP) Frank Mwesigwa, the Deputy Director Counter Terrorism.


He was flanked by the Commandant VIPPU who emphasized the importance of discipline from the officers participating in the forthcoming conferences.


The Deputy Director CT SCP Frank Mwesigwa commended the Commandants of VIPPU and AVIPOL for prioritizing such courses to enhance performance and professionalism.


He also expressed gratitude to the trainers for their transformative efforts, assuring them of the Directorate’s support.


SCP Frank extended congratulations to the team for their commendable security efforts at the successful policing of the Nyege-Nyege festival in Jinja amid potential threats.


Commandant VIPPU, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Emmanuel Mukama expressed gratitude to both trainers and trainees for their unwavering resilience, dedication, and teamwork throughout the course.


He acknowledged the challenges faced during training as essential preparations, equipping the officers to handle any adversity and safeguard the nation’s dignitaries and high-profile individuals.

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