EXCLUSIVE: Former Mbale District LCV Vice Chairman Vows to Oust Incumbent

By Abubakar Bin Siraji



Fight for Mbale district chairmanship LC5 seat has deepened after Tonny Wamakale alias “Subbi Iye Bangokho” declared interest to contest for the office come 2026.


Wamakale’s confidants whispered to this reporter that last month, while at one of the Restaurants in Mbale City, he told his friends including Nabende Fazali Hussein, the NUP chairman Mbale city, Masaba Muhamood, the NRM Chairman Mbale District among others that he has decided to stand for chairman LC 5 seat to bring sanity and better accountability to people of Mbale.


Wamakale explained that the reason why he decided to go back to school to add more weight on his academic papers was to make sure no stumbling block stands on his way.


Mbale district sources disclosed that Wamakale told his people that Muhammad Mafabi might have sealed a deal to maintain the status quo.


During the 2021 Local council elections, Mafabi declared that he is not going to contest for chairman LC5 seat in 2026. The reason wamakale Tonny whole heartedly supported him.


Mafabi’s supporters have been boasting that he is going to contest as a Member of Parliament in Bungokho North because this is the only position that is big and fit for his current status.


Wamakale’s confidants told this reporter that he will not go through the hard situation Namansa put Muhammad mafabi during the 2021 general elections because he mobilized for Mafabi in 2021 and this enabled him to reach every corner of the district.


They also say that by holding vice chairman’s position, it enabled him to keep in touch with the electorates and the council and his dropping by the district chairman has created many sympathizers for him.


Wamakale and Mafabi fight is still ongoing since Wamakale was sacked as Mbale district Vice chairman LC5.


However, if Wamakale decides to contest for Chairman LC 5 Seat, he has to prepare for a tough fight for the seat because a number of different party leaders have already declared their interests.


They include; Former aspirant Namasa Alfred from the FDC, Former MP aspirant Andrew Mauso for Bungokho Central, Chairman LC 3 Bumbobi sub county Martin Muniala and Mbale district Council Speaker Wangwe Robert


Mafabi’s camp is very sure that they will win the 2026 elections, because he is likely to be the only aspirant coming from Bungokho North Constituency.


They also argue that all political parties will support him as a way of cementing their political coalition because he is with an independent  mind and not partisan and this means if other contestants are to grab this seat they need to unite as the population of greater Bungokho South is almost five times the one of Bungokho North.


In 2021 LC5  Election, FDC fronted Nabende Daniel, NRM fronted Augustus Masika Watenyeli while Jorum Mayatsa, Alfred Namansa, Wamimbi Wakwom, Wasike John Kennedy, Mungau Emma stood as independent candidates and were very badly defeated by Mafabi.

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