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TORORO: Residents Say Evil Wealth Acquisition in District on the Rise

By Matthew Okello




Using evil powers to get wealth is currently amongst the top talks in different parts of Tororo district.


It’s hard for a group of more than three locals to sustain a conversation for more than 30 minutes in a Tororo village without talking about at least one person in that particular village using satanic powers for wealth creation commonly known as Mujini.


Locals have destroyed several houses in the district including in Ojilai sub county, Mwello Sub County whose owners have been accused of using evil powers to make wealth.


On Tuesday, 9th January, 2024, eastnews interacted with Ochieng Kamu from Mignja in Nabuyoga town council, a man who has reportedly sold more than 10 heads of cattle trying to seek solutions to the attacks by his son’s dark powers that he says have terrorized him for more than 7 years.


He notes that his son he only called Okoth, doesn’t have any productive work, but keeps on presenting himself with luxurious personal property.


Ochieng reveals that his son’s purported Mujini has mysteriously claimed lives of 3 of his children where the latest died late last year without falling sick.


His own wife Veronica Athieno has suffered from several unclear sicknesses for the past 7 years since his son acquired a Mujini where they have been in and out of the hospital.


A man who was once a renowned turkey and a cattle farmer now counts nothing to his name after all was sold in the battle to save his family from Mujuni attacks.


Ochieng has now sought prayer from Bishop Dr. Girado Olukol who acknowledges the existence of Mujuni and reveals that he has encountered several of them.


Bishop Girado has now moved to most parts of Tororo district to pray and chase away the monetary evil forces from villages.


Bishop Girado says that most people in the quest for faster riches have solicited these evil forces from the East African coastal towns  and their presence is currently antagonizing people in the district.


However many people including cultural and religious leaders do not believe in this theory since nobody can prove their existence.


Many people including Tieng Adhola cultural institution prime minister Josel Obbo speaking during a function held in the former LCIII of Rubongi sub county said that the theory of Mujini is aimed at killing the spirit of progress in Padhola and should be scrutinized to the latter.


Pastor Ontango of Deliverance church Rubongi while speaking during a thank giving ceremony at Nicolas Simon Owino’s thanking ceremony on 28 December 2023 in Akadoit sub county said that people should stop tagging every progress to Mujini noting that if it’s true every successful person uses dark powers, then those who know where they are got should also go.


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