SIRONKO: Sunday Night Downpour Leaves Over 2000 Residents Counting Losses

By Weswa Ronnie




A Sunday night downpour has left over 2000 residents from Bumulisha Sub County, Mutufu Town Council and Bumalimba Sub County in Sironko counting losses.


According to the affected residents, the six hour downpour that was accompanied by heavy storm destroyed over 20 houses and crops that include bananas, coffee, tomatoes, and onions among others.


According to Maris Mugide and Michael Wanambwa, all residents of Maluku village in Bumulisha Sub County, the rainstorm which came on Sunday night lasted for over six hours and ended up destroying their crops and houses.


Dan Weduku also an affected resident urged the government to support them with relief food and other items such that they can manage to feed their families.


Geoffrey Sibi, the LCIII chairperson of Bumulisha Sub County which was greatly affected says that his sub county is most likely to be affected by hunger in the near future.


He adds that the area is also going to be affected with insecurity because youths will be forced to steal crops of others to feed themselves since crops were destroyed.


Pascal Gidudu, councilor representing Bumulisha Sub County to the district, says that he has ordered the sub county chief and LCIII Chairperson to assess the most affected families such that he takes their names to the district for support.


Meanwhile, Livingstone Giluli, the LCV chairperson of Sironko district says that the district has not yet received any report to that effect urging the local leaders from the affected sub counties to play their roles by assessing the situation and take the report to the office of the CAO who is the district disaster chairperson such that they can send the report to the ministry of Disaster Preparedness.

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