BREAKING! Manafwa Mob Raids Namisindwa District with Body of Murdered Relative

By Weswa Ronnie




An angry mob originating from Manafwa district has invaded neighboring Manafwa district with body of killed relative, going on retaliatory rampage, killing animals, destroying crops and burning houses in the process.


Namisindwa district became a scene of chaos this morning, 9th February, 2024 when hundreds of people from Manafwa district armed with pangas, arrows, stones, hoes, and bricks attacked Bunaje village, Buwatuwa parish, Buwatuwa Sub County in Namisindwa district.


The genesis of the attack is that on Monday, 5th February, 2024, while at a burial vigil at Bunabalayo parish in Buwatuwa Sub county, a one Elisa Mandu aged 43 was beaten by a group of youths from Namisindwa district.


Mandu is a resident of Buwekha village, Bukewa parish, Buwagogo Sub County in the neighboring Manafwa district.


It is alleged that the youths who cut Mandu over unknown reasons were led by Simon Waneloba aged 24. Mandu was later admitted to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital in critical condition.


Unfortunately Mandu died on the night of Thursday, 8th February, 2024 prompting the angry reaction from his relatives who raided the family of the suspect at 5:00AM and cut all his animals, crops like bananas, coffee and set his house on fire in retaliation.


A concerned resident called in police who responded swiftly and restored sanity.


Sam Kundu, the LC3 chairperson of Buwatuwa Sub County in Namisindwa district condemned the incident warning youths against using drugs which are making them get involved in such crimes.


He says that the suspect and others he didn’t mention but are on the run were reported to the police of Buwagogo after the incident happened but they were waiting for the victim to recover before enforcing arrest, unfortunately the victim died.


Imran Muluga, the Resident District Commissioner of Namisindwa confirmed the incident saying the body which was thrown at the home of Waneloba has been picked by police and taken to Mbale regional referral hospital for postmortem.


He cautioned people against holding laws in their hands saying they should report to police or local leaders in case of any problem.


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