BUGWERI DISTRICT: IGG Discovers ARVS Only Free Treatment Given to Patients

By Our Reporter




The Deputy Inspector General of Government, Anne Twino paid a spot check on Busesa HC IV in Bugweri district on Thursday, 8th February, 2024.


However, what she discovered left the Ombudswoman wondering whether corruption can really be fought in Uganda.

This health worker was charging Shs10,000 per scan and pocketing the money

First at Busesa Health Center IV, Twino found a health worker offering scanning services at a fee of Shs10,000 and pocketing the money yet the service is supposed to be free.


Before the dust could settle down, a small meeting with patients at the health facility revealed that apart from ARVS, there is nothing for free. Patients are referred to a nearby pharmacy to buy drugs for their treatment.


Twino was also shocked to find out that the In-Charge of the facility is a Senior Clinical Officer and yet there are Medical Officers who are higher in rank that she now supervises. The Deputy IGG ordered for the immediate normalization of the status quo.


One particular nurse (identity hidden) was pointed out for rudeness.

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