Elgon Regional Police Commander Speaks Out On Pallisa Road House Demolition

By Weswa Ronnie




The Regional Police Commander of Elgon, has issued a public apology for the illegal demolition of a building on Pallisa Road.

The illegal demolition took place on Friday, 24th May, 2024 where goons broke the structure located at Hospital cell, Northern city division in Mbale city, displacing occupants some of whom sustained injuries in the early morning eviction that saw police give security to the eviction process.


The demolition was supervised by police and Mbale City Council Authorities on Monday, 27th May admitted being aware of the order to demolish the structure saying it was a City Nuisance.

Senior Superintendent of Police Otim Bosco, revealed that an investigation has been launched against both Mbale City Council officials and police officers involved in this, and action will be taken against them.


Mr. Otim made the remarks on Monday, 3rd June, 2024 during a Stakeholders’ Engagement for the preparation of Imbalu Festival organized by the Ministry of Tourism in partnership with Inzu ya Masaba at Mt. Elgon Hotel.


He requested forgiveness for the police officers involved, attributing the incident to human errors.


Otim explained that had he been informed of the eviction beforehand, he would have intervened to prevent it, as he did in a similar case involving the CRO building.


He emphasized that the demolition occurred without his knowledge and appealed to the public for understanding and forgiveness for the officers’ actions.

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