Bukedea Sheikh Appointed Regional Assistant To Mufti For North Eastern Muslim Region

By George Emuron



In a significant development for the North Eastern Muslim Region, Sheikh Abubakar Umar Obilan, the Executive Director of Ateker Muslim Development Foundation-AMDEF and acting Regional Assistant to the Mufti (RAM), has officially received his appointment from His Eminence, Dr. Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda.


The formal appointment ceremony took place at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) headquarters in Kampala on Monday 10, 2024.


A distinguished delegation accompanied Sheikh Obilan to witness this important event.


The delegation included, Hajji Isaac Omoding, General Assembly member, Sheikh Ramazan Ibrahim Ibwakit, the Deputy Kadhi  Teso Muslim District; Hajji Ismail Akabwai, Executive Director of Hijil Ismeal and Chairperson of Team Amanu;  Hon. Hajjat Aisha Neumbe, Women’s Representative at the UMSC General Assembly; Sheikh Rashid Omujaj, Deputy Kadhi, Kumi; Sheikh Yusuf Odiket, member of Kumi Municipal Development Committee (MDC); Sheikh Uthman Opio, County Sheikh of Bukedea; and Muhamed Otai, Mosque Chairperson of Kidongole, among others.


During the ceremony, Sheikh Mubaje emphasized the importance of unity and cooperation within the Muslim community.


He underscored that his decision to appoint Sheikh Obilan was made under the authority granted to him by the UMSC Constitution, and he urged those opposing the appointment to cease their objections.


The Muft affirmed, “The Constitution provides the Mufti powers and authority to appoint the RAM. Whoever is trying to impeach is just showing a sign of being undisciplined.”


Sheikh Mubaje also called upon the Muslims of the North Eastern Muslim Region to support and work collaboratively with the newly appointed RAM.


He expressed his commitment to lobbying for support for the region and highlighted the need for unity among the Muslim community to foster development and harmony.


The appointment was further highlighted during the commemoration of the Uganda Muslim Martyrs, where Mufti Mubaje introduced Sheikh Obilan to the congregation.


He reiterated his exclusive authority to make such appointments and appealed to all Muslims in Uganda to embrace tolerance and cooperation, including with members of other denominations.


Zziwa Ashiraf, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Spokesperson confirmed the appointment saying this will now strengthen unity and progress under his leadership.

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