GRUESOME! Tembo Steel Employee Murdered Shortly After Winning 1.5 Million Bet



By Solomon Hamala




Police in Iganga is investigating the murder of a 30 year old man, who was killed today 15th March 2021 morning at 6:00am.


Obita Moses, who was an employee at Tembo Steel Rolling Company in Kasolo Iganga was found lying dead in a pool of blood at Shooters pub, along the Iganga Main Street.


It is said that Obita had spent the night in one of the lodge rooms at the pub with one of the thigh vendors.



Obita had just received his delayed February salary, and also won a bet and is said to have had over 1.5m shillings in his pockets.


Obita is suspected to have either been trailed by the murderers right from the betting center, or was setup by the sex worker who must have connived with the goons to take Obita’s life.


It should be remembered that years back, sex workers used to connive with goons to con their customers of their money.


Police then led by DPC Nasibu Nditta carried out operations to cleanse the identified spots.


The OC CID Iganga, Aguti confirmed the murder and noted that investigations are on to unearth the murderers.


She also urged bar owners to honor the presidential directives on Covid-19 that have not allowed bars to open yet.


She also noted that all sex workers at the pub had taken off.

The bartender, names withheld, has been arrested to help police in the investigations.

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