Maize Trucks Still Stuck at Uganda Lwakhakha Border

By Wetondo Denis Julius





Over 20 trucks loaded with maize are still stranded at Uganda Lwakhakha border located at Lwakhakha Town Council in Namisindwa district.


This was revealed to this reporter by the LCV Chairman and MP Elect Namisindwa County, John Musila on Saturday, 19th March 2021.


Musila said the traders are stranded despite the fact that there are talks between the two countries over the ban that had been declared by the Kenyan government on both Ugandan and Tanzanian maize.



Peter Mandu, the chairperson of the traders at Lwakhakha border says that since they were informed that Kenya has allowed their maize to cross, the information remained in words.


Mandu revealed that ever since, their maize has never been allowed to cross to Kenya.


He adds that they have decided to keep their maize until government of Kenya will allow them to export their maize.


Simon Mwalya, also a maize trader asked both governments to sit down again at roundtable and have talks such that they allow them to take their maize to Kenya since it has been their only main income generating activities.


Martine Sitsubo, another trader said most of their maize they bought for export to Kenya before the ban is rotting inside vehicles and stores automatically causing them losses.



Musila further condemned what the Kenyan government did by deceiving Ugandan traders that they have allowed them to take their maize at their side yet the border is still locked.


He threatened to lead his people at the border and they stop all Kenyan trucks from entering Uganda if this month ends when they are still not allowing Ugandan maize to cross to Kenya.





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