Ministry of Water and Environment Leads the Way on Hygiene and Sanitation

By Nakanwagi Olivier Mukaaya





The Ministry of Water and Environment has embarked on creating awareness on good hygiene and sanitation while celebrating the World Water Week.


The Ministry carried out different activities on Saturday including tree planting, extension of piped water and cleaning of  Mbale Central Market and Bus Park in order to create awareness on the importance of good hygiene and sanitation.


The Deputy Mayor Mbale City, Madam Kakayi Harriet appreciated the Ministry for coming up and being an example to the community while carrying out the cleaning at the Mbale Central Market and the Mbale Bus Park.


She challenged the community not to wait for the Mbale City Council and other organizations to come and clean for them but to take full responsibility of making sure that the places where they work from are clean.


Kakayi further advised the vendors and bus drivers to make sure that they put dust bins around their workstations to enable their customers put the garbage without throwing it anywhere.


“Having these dust bins at your workstations will help a lot in collecting garbage and also help your customers not to throw rubbish anywhere if you are having those dust bins are provided to them,” she said.


Mr Wadela Charles, the Mbale City Health Inspector called upon the community to keep hygiene and sanitation because it’s very important more so in this pandemic period.


“If we’re to observe the SOPs well, we need to improve on our hygiene and sanitation,” Wadela said.


He blamed them for not taking full responsibility to clean where they work from but instead wait for Mbale city council to clean.


“It’s so sad that you find someone working in a dirty place and he or she is there waiting for authorities to come and do the cleaning yet good hygiene starts with you,” he added.


Alice Logose, a business woman at Mbale Central Market appreciated the ministry for coming up to clean the market but blamed the Mbale City Council for neglecting their responsibly of cleaning the market every day yet they collect money from them.


Mr. Safali Musa a pumpkin seller also accused their leaders for not doing their work but instead wait on other organizations to come and do their work yet they are given money to clean the market.


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