UNBELIEVABLE! Senior NRM Boss Dumps Garbage at Soroti City Council Offices


By Steven Enatu



Soroti City Authorities have blamed the NRM National Mobilizer in charge Teso Sub region for packing rubbish in her car and taking it to their offices.


This was revealed by the Principal assistant town clerk Soroti City East Abraham Omaido today 1st April  2021 while giving the city report before the official from the ministry of Land, Housing and Urban development and other stakeholders during the assessment of Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development USMID-AF projects in Soroti.

According to Omaido, Teddy Acham is an example of poor attitude by the City residents on solid waste management which has led to increased uncollected garbage in the City.


He also said that since  Soroti Municipality was elevated to a city status, the population has kept on growing and this led to high volume of garbage generated within the city.

He said the city authority has old equipment for garbage management that frequently breakdown amidst low funding/grants for waste management


He also cited Poor community attitudes towards waste management drawing an example of Teddy Acham, one of the residents in Soroti city whom he allegedly say packed garbage in her car and took to her office saying it’s the property of the city council.


In his presentation, Soroti city in the month of July 2020 to Feb 2021 generated 8100 metric tons of solid waste and only collected 4212(metric tons) during the quarter.


Paul Omer the acting Mayor Soroti city however said that the responsibility of garbage management has been privatized to the citizens according to the building control act that was passed and gazetted by Parliament.

The City Covers approximately 238 sq. Km with a Population of approximately 130,970 people.

The city that was once regarded the cleanest is now grappling with the Solid waste challenge that most urban authorities face today with the amount of waste generated exceeding their capacity both technical and financial to collect and dispose of.



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