Escalating Teenage Pregnancies: District Boss To Crack Down On Night Funeral Fundraising

By Matthew Okello




Tororo district acting chairperson has sworn in the name of her Lord to influence the district council to ban night fundraising at funerals as a measure of reducing on teenage pregnancies that is currently escalating beyond control.


Stella Imukutet made the vow while speaking during a press conference organized by Tororo district women Network in Partnership with Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET) at Teacher’s Resource center Monday 8th April 2021.


Imukutet said before she hands over office, she will ensure that the district council passes a resolution to shift fundraising at funerals to day time because night fundraisings are acting as a trap to children and insecurity in the communities.


The press conference that was organized to reflect on the current status of gender based and domestic violence in Tororo district raised a lot of questions than answers that saw participants ask Civil society organizations to change their approach towards handling of GBV.


Noah Okello, an Inspector of Schools attached to Tororo County suggested during that the district starts up an institution that will train couples on basic marriage aspects and those who fail the course should be denied a chance to marry.


To Okello, introducing these courses will help in guiding young couples run their homes harmoniously which in turn will reduce GBV and domestic violence in communities.



James Etuket, the Secretary of Iteso Cultural Union called for regulation in alcohol consumption within the district, by the authorities.


Key to note were also recommendations from CSOs consortium that includes; training of 2-3 community members per village to help handle GBV cases, enforcement of bi-laws and ordinances on alcoholism, ending child marriages and ending school drop out by all duty bearers.


Tororo District Assistant CAO in charge community based services, Susan Asemenye says the district has opened the doors to any stakeholder who is ready to give a hand in ending harmful practices and gender based domestic violence in the district.


To start with, Asemenye called upon police which is accused of picking bribes from perpetrators to kill cases of teenage pregnancies, Domestic and gender based violence cases to clean up their bad public image and fight towards regaining their lost glory.






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