Cooperative’s Minister Trashes Anti- Nandala BCU Board Petitions


By Wetondo Denis Julius




The Minister of State for Cooperatives has trashed the numerous petitions filed by the former BCU Board Chairman against the new Board chaired by FDC’s Nathan Nandala Mafabi.


Hon Frederick Ngobi Gume showed his disgust on Saturday 16th April 2021 while speaking during the Annual General Meeting of BCU at its offices located at Doho Cell Industrial City Division in Mbale City.


Ngobi instead asked the Bugisu Cooperative Union BCU board to take legal actions against John Wamulugwa, the former BCU chairperson over his continous malicious petitions against the board.


According Ngobi, every month he receives over ten petitions from Wamulugwa’s camp claiming that the current board is mismanaging the Union with no evidence. The Minister also castigated the Wamulugwa camp saying they have no basis to meddle into the affairs of BCU since they are registered farmers with BCU.


He added that according to the laws which govern cooperative unions, anybody who is not a member at that particular union has no right to complain about anything.


He argued further that since the petitioners are not farmers under BCU, there only intention is to tarnish the name of the board and lead to the collapse of the Union leaving Bamasaba coffee farmers crying which he will not allow.


Gume also advised farmers not to take their coffee to BCU competitors with the aim of getting quick money because this will affect the development and growth of BCU.


Meanwhile, Nathan Nandala Mafabi the BCU chairman also MP for Budadiri West Constituency embraced the advice of the Minister saying the board is going to talk to petitioners to withdraw their petitions.


“The Board will engage the petitioners to withdraw their petitions, if they don’t comply then we shall take them to court,” Nandala said.


He adds that they have agreed with farmers in this annual general meeting to create coffee buying and collection centers at Zone levels where farmers will take their coffee and get money instantly.


He said bringing coffee to BCU head offices which is far encourages farmers to sell their coffee to competitors.


Patrick Mudali and Stephen Simiyu both farmers at BCU expressed their joy with Minister’s advice saying that suing the petitioners is going to be a lasting solution.


He adds that BCU has failed to grow over continuous conflicts between John Wamulugwa the former BCU chairman and the current board over false allegations.

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