POETIC JUSTICE? Leading Anti- Covid 19 Vaccine Kenyan Doctor Dies of Corona Virus

Compiled By Markson Omagor




A prominent Kenyan doctor who became an anti-vaccine campaigner and conspiracy theorist has died from the disease.


Dr. Stephen Karanja died yesterday 29th April 30, 2021 in the high dependency unit of a private hospital in the capital Nairobi.


Dr. Karanja said it was unnecessary to vaccinate Kenyans against Covid-19.


Instead, he argued for steam inhalation and a cocktail of drugs, including hydroxychloroquine and zinc.


He also spread conspiracy theories, involving Bill Gates and population control.


Dr Karanja died on Thursday in the high dependency unit of a private hospital in the capital Nairobi.


More than 800,000 Kenyans have now been vaccinated, with no severe side effects being reported.


Before his death, Dr. Karanja was the chair of the Catholic Doctors Association – who described him “as a true medical soldier”.


Early last month, this website ran a story in which the Association of Kenya Catholic Doctors bashed World Health Organization for misleading Africans.


These are some of the excerpts of the story titled; “CROSSROADS! Kenyan Doctors Trash WHO Stand On Covid -19 Vaccines


In a presser released on 3rd March 2021 and signed off by Dr. Stephen K. Karanja, the Chairman of the Association, the Doctors blame the WHO organization for propagating the notion that there is no effective treatment for Covid-19 and yet there is.


The Doctors further argue that there is no need to vaccinate Kenyans (Africans) against the pandemic and are questioning the motives of the World Health Organization and its backers such as Bill Gates.


“We appreciate that Covid-19 has presented unprecedented new challenges in the management of health nationally/globally with tremendous negative impact on the economy and the livelihood of our people. It is also becoming clear that there are partisan interests that seem bent on keeping some important truths from coming to the fore at the expense of human life,” the press release reads in its introductory part.


“We know for a fact that, there are drugs that have been re-purposed and used effectively to treat Covid-19. We also know that vaccination for this disease is totally unnecessary making the motivation suspect.” Dr. Karanja’s letter reads.


The Kenyan Doctors went ahead to outline tested and effective treatment as follows;


  1. Steaming 2 or 3 times a day. This reduces inflammation and eases secretions.


  1. Ivermectin 12mg (0.2 -0.3mg/kg/day) on development of symptoms then repeat in 7 days. Ivermectin at the same dose and duration is useful as prophylaxis in relatives taking care of Covid-19 patient at home or those above the age of 65, are immunosuppression or have comorbidities. Ivermectin is useful in long term prophylaxis of those at risk including health care workers, security personnel, as well as hospitalized patients. Ivermectin should be avoided in pregnancy due to lack of safety studied.


  1. The Zelenko protocol: Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 200mg twice a day taken together with Zinc 40mg twice a day and Azythromicin 500mg once a day all for a total of 7 days.


The Kenyan Doctors argue therefore that if this treatment is followed, Covid-19 can be effectively handled without recourse to vaccination.

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