Eastern NRM Women Mobilizers at the Grass Roots Excited over Museveni’s Victory

Eastern Uganda News

By David Mudangha




Women in the regions of Sebei, Bugisu, Teso and Bukedi under their umbrella body (ENRMWMOG) have expressed their joy towards the NRM Party’s victory in the recently concluded general elections.


ENRMWMOG stands for Eastern NRM Women Mobilizers at the Grass Roots.


While speaking to the women at the grass root level at Namatala Community Hall through their regional coordinators, Annet Vicky Belungi, the chairperson of the four regions, encouraged women to stay united.


She also told them to expect many out comes from the Party as it secures their feature. She appealed to them to bring in more ladies to the Party so as to benefit from the ruling government.


Apio Judith Ewichu, the Private Secretary to the President on Women Affairs advised the women to form groups and SACCOs so that they can benefit from the government programs like Operation Wealth Creation.


She urged them to be patient as the President works on the long awaited promises that he made during the campaign period at State House where they met the President before elections.


Some of the pledges include; supporting them with cows and goats in the groups which they say they have formed. The Private Secretary also said that General Salim Saleh has been busy to respond to them as the President had instructed him to do a fallow up on them.


The Private Secretary finally urged the Women and the country at large to pray for the country that God may choose the right people to be in leadership positions so that effective work can be done.


She quoted a scripture in the Bible in Proverbs 25:5 which talks about wicked officials that should be removed from the King’s presence and replaced by righteous people.


She said the President needs the right people in State House who can support his vision for the country than the wrong ones who frustrate him.


All the regional Coordinators thanked the Private Secretary for the great work and the love she has for women in Eastern and promised they will stand with her always.


Tasange Christine, the coordinator Bukedi Sub region thanked all members and urged them to always be prepared and continue supporting NRM.


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